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Business Management Solution

The product that from the beginning had the name Navision came from our neighbor in the west, Denmark. 
A completely and revolutionary business management solution that was built to have the ability to be continually customized and designed according to the customer's needs and wishes.

Functions and Modules available in Navision:

  • Financials and Accounting

  • Marketing and Sales

  • Purchasing

  • inventory

  • Production (material and production control)

  • Project Management

  • Resources and Planning

  • Service with planning and contracts

  • Personnel Management

Microsoft bought out Danish Navision Business Management Solution
In the early 2000's Microsoft wanted entrance into the market of business management solutions, so they bought out the Danish Navision Business Management Solution. Microsoft immediately changed the name of the solution which is now available
today in two versions, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. 
As a business system, Navision can no longer be purchased on the market as a product/software, but for those of you
who still have or use Navision ERP systems, we can always help you with the purchase of users and objects or
carry out training and customizations.

Do you have Navision and need a committed partner to develop your business?
With over 30 years' experience in the industry we have been there from Navision 1.0 to the latest version, Navision 5.0.  
So, we have full competence in Navision and can continue to assist those customers that utilize these versions.

If this sounds like you and you need assistance, you are always welcome to come to us.
Warm welcome to us!

Cloud or OnPremise?

When you upgrade, there are two versions of the business system, that is Business Central - Cloud or Business Central - OnPremise.

Microsoft Business Central - Cloudis a version that you rent monthly and per user(see prices here). Here you get worry-free ownership and you can fully focus on your business and your routines, the product contains the following:

  • Microsoft Business Central business system

  • Microsoft Windows Server

  • Microsoft SQL database

  • Backup

  • Continuous upgrade of business system, server and SQL database

Microsoft Business Central - OnPremiseis a version for those of you who want the business system installed on your own server and thus full control over the business system and its processes, this license can be rented or purchased (an upgrade agreement is added to the purchase).


Those of you who own a license of Navision or Microsoft Dynamics NAV will, upon upgrading to Business Central, get 3 times the number of users/sessions you currently have within the license as we move from concurrent users to named users.

Comparison - Cloud vs. OnPremise

For more information, demonstration or quote

contact our project managers:

 Stefan Åström 0708-326326

Anton Johansson0733-439805


Are you ready to upgrade to Business Central?

We are experts in Navision, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central business systems and help you with your upgrade project regardless of whether you want to use Cloud or OnPremise.

Contact us today and we will help you with a cost estimate for a complete upgrade project.

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