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Hard / Software & Accessories


Desktops, Workstations and Laptops


Computers are an important part today in everyone's everyday life, here we focus on high quality and performance at reasonable prices. We have chosen to work only with the market's leading players and have therefore chosen manufacturers such as Dell , HP and Lenovo .


We have several suppliers to guarantee a high degree of availability, fast delivery and an affordable price!

The reason for choosing HP and Lenovo suppliers is that we have experienced in our own experience a high quality of these products and that in the very few occasions we experienced problems received Professional and efficient assistance.



Servers and Operating Systems


Our main focus on servers is the HP Proliant ML series, which has proven year after year that quality makes a huge difference when it comes to business security.

The choice of HP Proliant ML Series is because they are compatible for use in most environments, either mounted in a Rack Mount using an additional Rack Mount Kit, or completely standalone thanks to its "Desktop Similar" exterior.


HP Proliant Info:


The operating system we recommend is " Microsoft Windows Server " as it has been proven to be most compatible with the majority of enterprise functions, mainly Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central.



Printers and Scanners


Among printers and scanners we deliver what we experience works very well for a long time.

As HP acquired Samsung's Printer Department and thereby expanded its already functioning and reliable range, we have chosen to continue to use HP as the manufacturer of the printers we usually sell and install.


Regarding label printers, we recommend Zebra as repeatedly shown to us high quality.

We also have experience from other suppliers as we work with a large selection of printers, such as Sharp, Fujitsu, HP, Samsung, Xerox, Epson, Brother, Zebra, Canon, etc.






Since 2018, we have partnered with Sophos, which delivers the brand's best firewalls.

By direct comparison between these firewalls and previous suppliers we have used, we have seen a much better set of security and easy-to-manage systems that provide faster support when requested adjustments.


With the help of a fantastic interface together with our deep experience in its set up, we can guarantee your business environment to be as secure as possible in a realistic way.

With the amazing features that these systems provide, we can also quickly and easily set up a direct connection to your office via SSL encrypted VPN tunnels to each user that can be controlled at a user level to restrict or grant access to your system.


About Sophos:





In terms of software help, we mean a broad spectrum. In addition to our business system, which we consult on a daily basis, train in and make adjustments / extensions to, we also assist in the surrounding software.


We work daily with Health Monitoring, Backup and Antivirus software in a composite RMM solution called

" Solarwinds N-Central "


Our main focus in IT is “Troubleshooting” ie troubleshooting.

In addition to standard troubleshooting such as Server Health, Databases, Business systems, etc., we offer assistance with embracing software.


Troubleshooting may include, for example, why communication between two software is not working properly, or why some parts have stopped working.

Should the problem exceed our expertise, we can assume a position as technical communicator for existing product support in order to have an easy understanding and resolution of problems.


Info about N-Central:



For more information, demonstration or quote

contact our project managers:

 Stefan Åström 0708-326326

Anton Johansson0733-439805


We help you from start to finish!

Starting a transition from the current environment to the cloud-based service in Office 365 is a simple process for us, but we always start with an analysis to understand your needs and select the right Office 365 license and migrate over the data you want have transferred.

Leo & Philip - IT consultants

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