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Signal texts on documents
This AddOn is for you who want to be able to register signal texts that you want to appear as reminders to you when registering documents such as e.g. sales offer, sales order, purchase order, invoice, credit invoice, etc. within your business system Navision, Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Microsoft Dynamics Business Central.


Simple registration through matrix
When you have entered your signal text in our AddOn forMicrosoft Dynamics Business Centralyou simply mark with a tick ✅ on the documents on which you want to publish the signal text, see the image below:

Registrerad signaltext på artikelkort i Business Central

Acknowledge the signal text and continue registering

When you have received the signal text, you can quickly and easily confirm that you have read and understood in order to continue your work. Through this AddOn, you avoid your staff having to handle memory sticks or especially remember things, which avoids a lot of unnecessary mistakes and at the same time gives you happier customers. See below picture:

Signaltext på försäljningsoffert i Business Central

Price: SEK 9,800 plus 16% upgrade agreement

Rent: SEK 325 per month


For more information, demonstration or quote

contact our project managers:

 Stefan Åström 0708-326326

Anton Johansson0733-439805


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