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Take control of your inventory with Bitlog WMS

Bitlog Warehouse Management System (WMS) or warehouse management system as it is called in Swedish, is an IT-based warehouse control system that manages the reception, dispatch and movement of products within one or more warehouses.

Bitlog was founded in Stockholm back in 2006 and the first version of Bitlog WMS was released in 2014. Bitlog WMS is the result of solid industry experience and expertise. We work closely with our users to build a platform that reflects efficient and optimal warehousing and management.


"Bitlog's mobile app is amazing! New staff can be up and running in just 1-2 hours"

Magnus Olsson, Logistics manager, Care of Carl


Cloud-based and scalable software

Bitlog WMS is cloud-based software (SaaS) and is automatically upgraded several times a year. As a user, you have access to new functionality immediately. Bitlog WMS is scalable and can be implemented in multiple geographic locations and warehouses, regardless of time zone. You can easily add functionality or users as your warehouse processes evolve. The autopilot is the brain of Bitlog WMS that helps you plan and prioritize warehouse work. It reads in all order data and inventory status in real time and optimizes processes for the most efficient results.

We at Update Business Systems have a close collaboration with Bitlog. Bitlog specializes in developing and delivering inventory management systems for the business systems Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Bitlog handles delivery, picking, batch picking, production, stock moves and inventory as well as connection to TA systems.

If you want to know more or have a demo, contact us directly on 031-727 78 00!

Bitlog WMS Busniess Central Dynamics NAV Update Affärsystem
Why Bitlog?

Integrates directly with Business Central, with our connector.

  • Bitlog is a cloud-based warehouse management system (WMS) that always runs on the latest version.

  • The system is paperless with a user-friendly interface.

  • Improve customer experience and customer satisfaction by eliminating mispicking

  • Bitlog is easy to use and easy to get started with - bringing in extra staff will never be a difficult project.

  • Simple integrations. Take advantage of seamless API integrations with your e-commerce and your ERP system.

  • Our support stands ready with vast industry experience and expertise

For further information, demonstration or quote

contact our project managers below directly:

Stefan Åström 0708-326326

Anton Seglem 0733-439805

Ola Bellring 0733-439803


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