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Dynamicweb | Update Affärssystem

Dynamicweb is your ”All-In-One Business Platform” that gives you all that you need for your website, E-commerce and marketing online! – That it also integrates with Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) business solution makes it your clear choice!

All-In-One Business Platform for your company
Dynamicweb is all that you need for your website, e-commerce and online marketing. 
Dynamicweb gives you the possibility to daily expand and maintain your website and its content, optimize traffic, create and send newsletters to promote new products in your web shop and the opportunity to test content for best conversion. 
You also will become more efficient and save time since this solution can be completely integrated!

Based upon Microsoft’s latest technology
Dynamicweb ”All-In-One Business Platform” is based upon Microsoft’s latest technology.  It is Microsoft .net is its foundation and provides a stable and well-documented solution with an open API that easily lets you integrate your business processes.

Integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV standard
Dynamicweb is a powerful platform that gives you the opportunity to develop both your website and your web shop solution using the same tool. Here you can design and develop your platform based upon your needs and wishes. That this solution already has an integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) standard is huge additional advantage.
Dynamicweb handles both B2B and B2C
Dynamicweb was developed to cater to both B2B and B2C. It can also show your website or web shop professionally regardless of whether your customer uses a computer, iPad/tablet, or mobile phone!
Web shop - B2B - Business To Business
Dynamicweb B2B web shop is aimed at companies that sell mainly to other companies and where the web shop is completely integrated with your Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) system.

                                                                   * Sell your products and handle orders online 24/7
                                                                   * Market your products as well as show product brochures, manuals, and more   
                                                                   * Display customer specific pricing on products as well as campaigns
                                                                   * Create repeat orders
                                                                   * Customer center with order status, previous invoices, and more

E-Commerce - B2C - Business To Consumers
Dynamicweb is an e-commerce solution for companies that primarily focus their sales to consumers (end customers) and want their e-commerce solution to fully integrate with Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision).

                                                                   * Sell and market your products online 24/7
                                                                   * Faster sales through displaying accurate information at the right time
                                                                   * Reach more potential customers through search engine optimization (SEO)
                                                                   * Sell more products through cross sales, recommendations, etc.
                                                                   * Fast and efficient checkout with all payment options
Would you like to know more or book a demonstration?
Contact us directly at 031-727 78 00 and with can help you with the information you need and if you are still interested we can book a demonstration so that you can see the product and understand all its benefits.
Warm welcome!

For more information, demonstration or quote

contact our project managers:

 Stefan Åström 0708-326326

Anton Johansson0733-439805


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