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Consultation, security
and monitoring

IT Consultancy
We at Update Business System want to proudly offer you and your company a good security set.
We guarantee you our best in setting up a secure IT Infrastructure, ranging from network provider, firewall selection, Server, Switches, VPN, Workstations, Wi-Fi and much more.
Given that all environments are so different, we always adapt to your particular environment and do what it takes to deliver
your highest quality on our assignments.
We are not satisfied before we can look at the result with pride.
Analysis and Security
The majority of today's companies use some type of server.
We recommend quarterly maintenance on these units.
Maintaining an IT park is unique per customer and per server, but basically these include review of security logs, hardware health, status of active use, etc.
The execution of these maintenance agreements has often identified problems well in advance so that potential downtime does not occur, or in the worst case can prepare and continue production as soon as possible.
We use the RMM system N-Central, which is manufactured by Solarwinds for monitoring.
With this program we can see the status of Servers and workstations in order to be able to perceive problems in the past.
With Monitoring, Antivirus, Backups, Remote Connection, Automation of functions and more under the same roof, the efficiency of these functions increases to reduce waiting time when requesting assistance.
N-Central offers a reliable backup option with a stable Cloud solution.
On a daily basis we perform backups that sync to Solarwind's Northern European servers to ensure that
even if the accident has occurred you can recover your data.
In addition to a cloud solution, we can also include a local copy, which is optimal
in situations where the network is not the fastest.
In this situation, a primary backup is performed to the local media, which then follows with a sinking against the Cloud Server.
With such a set, we have been able to guarantee recoveries to a number of customers both
natural and unnatural mishaps occurred, such as water damage, fire, intrusion attempts, etc.
Database Management
On a daily basis, we work with adaptations and extensions to Business Systems
Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
We simultaneously manage these databases and monitor their health
and back them up to at least a daily basis for security
that your Data is always available for your business.


For more information, demonstration or quote

contact our project managers:

 Stefan Åström 0708-326326

Anton Johansson0733-439805


We help you from start to finish!

Starting a transition from the current environment to the cloud-based service in Office 365 is a simple process for us, but we always start with an analysis to understand your needs and select the right Office 365 license and migrate over the data you want have transferred.

Leo & Philip - IT consultants

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