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System Administrator 1

A fantastic training specifically designed for you who will operate and maintain the system as well as help your colleagues with their issues and problems.  This course requires good knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, work flow and general data.

In the Microsoft Dynamics NAV System Administration 1 course, we give you the knowledge you need to act as a system administrator.  In the course you will learn about the following:

  • Basic Data and Installations

    • Give you the knowledge to manage basic data and installations in NAV

    • Managing installations through Rapid Start

  • Users

    • Learn how to add users

    • Management of rights and permissions

  • Role Center

    • Learn how to assign and manage role centers

    • Managing and simple changes to role center

  • Job Queue

    • Learn how to manage the job queue

The training is only held one time in the spring and once again in the fall, so register early!
The training can even be requested outside these dates, request a quote and date for the next course. 

Rules for cancellation of training:

  1. The registration is binding for the participants/company as soon as Update Affärssystem accepts the registration and sends confirmation that the participants are confirmed to attend the course.

  2. Cancellation should always be done in writing to Update Affärssystem.

  3. Cancellation 4-2 weeks before course date: the purchaser will pay 50% of course fee(s) to Update Affärssystem.

  4. Cancellation 2-0 weeks before course date: the purchaser will pay 100% of course fee(s) to Update Affärssystem.

  5. If a participant is unable to attend, another participant for the same company can take their place after consulting with Update Affärssystem.

  6. The training company has the right to cancel a course at which time all paid course fees will be returned to participants.  Compensation in addition to that will not be paid.

  7. The training company will bill for the course fees before the start of the course.

Warm welcome!
If you need help to book a hotel, travel plans, or taxi, contact us at 031-727 78 00 and we will gladly help you.

Schedule of the Training

Gathering                      08.00-08.30

Start                                           08.30

Fika                                            10.00

Lunch                             12.00-13.00

Fika                                            15.00

Ends                                           16.30

What is included?

Training Documents



Certificate of Completion

Boka din utbildning här!

Regler för avbokning av utbildning

  1. Anmälan är bindande så snart Update Affärssystem accepterat bokningen och skickat bekräftelse på att deltagaren antagits på kursen.

  2. Avbokning ska alltid ske skriftligt till Update Affärssystem, bekräftat mottagen e-post accepteras.

  3. Vid avbokning 4–2 veckor före kursstart ska beställaren ersätta Update Affärssystem med 50% av kursavgiften.

  4. Vid avbokning 2-0 veckor före kursstart ska beställaren ersätta Update Affärssystem med 100% av kursavgiften.

  5. Vid förhinder kan platsen överlåtas till annan i samma företag, vänligen meddela Update Affärssystem.

  6. Utbildningsföretaget har rätt att ställa in en kurs varvid alla eventuellt inbetalda avgifter återbetalas. Ersättningar därutöver utbetalas ej.

  7. Utbildningsföretaget fakturerar kursavgiften före kursstart.

For more information or a quote

contact our project managers:

 Stefan Åström 0708-326326

Anton Johansson0733-439805


A really profitable deal!

The training from Update Affärssystem has been incredibly useful for us, we have gained a full understanding of the system and now can use the system in a much better and more efficient way. This creates motivation for our staff, which has led to increased efficiency and profitability for the entire company! 

Anette Philipsson - Polyamp AB

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