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Tasklet Factory streamlines your warehouse management and its processes through its unique PDA solution. Through barcode management and the user-friendly interface, you get direct control over your inventory and a quick ROI.
Tasklet Factory is an AddOn that is based on standard functions within Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The solution is simple and intuitive and eliminates incorrect stock balances and unnecessary paperwork, it can also be used off-line!Receipt of goods/delivery (receive) With Tasklet Factory, you streamline the process for receiving goods into your warehouse. You quickly and easily look up purchase orders or the item to be delivered into your warehouse and book them directly in the handheld. We handle and simplify both serial and lot numbers within this process. Placement in storage (put away) When you place your goods in the storage locations, this is handled directly in your handheld computer and updated in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Picking sales orders (pick) When picking sales orders, you will immediately see the items and quantities to be picked based on the sales order registered in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Tasklet Factory directs you to the correct warehouse location where you scan the barcode on the article to ensure that it is the correct article that is being picked, then you enter the number picked and if handling of serial or lot numbers is required, we take care of this effectively through the handheld computer.InventoryInventory of stock is a time-consuming job that you can make more efficient through Tasklet Factory. You scan the storage location and article and enter how many are in the storage location. This is stored directly in the inventory journal in Microsoft Dynamics NAV where, after checking for differences, you book the inventoried values directly in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Movement of goods within warehouse (move) Through Tasklet Factory you get the opportunity to move items from one warehouse location to another in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. You scan and move the articles directly through your PDAs. Fast, safe and efficient! What's in the warehouse? (bin content) If you use the PDA to scan a storage location, Tasklet Factory will directly display the content based on the posted transactions within Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Inventory adjustments (adjust quantity) Adjusting the number of items can be done directly through the PDA (if you have authorization) , scan the item, enter the number and reason and post and the value is updated directly in Microsoft Dynamics NAV! Locate item (Locate item) Through the locate item function, you can scan the product and then get information about where it should be placed back in the warehouse. Substitute items (substitute item) About If an item is currently out of stock, you can directly use the handheld computer to see if there is a replacement item that can be picked up instead. Printing of labels Through the handheld computer, you can directly request the printing of item labels, specify the article and number and which printer you want them on!

Are you more interested and want a demonstration or want to order Tasklet Factory? Contact us directly on 031-727 78 00 or fill in the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible

Tasklet Factory - Mobile WMS - Microsoft Dynamics NAV

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