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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Warehouse optimization from Update Affärssystem AB is a long-awaited AddOn for many companies and warehouse managers who want to streamline, trim and optimize their inventory and its value.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV inventory optimization is based on the "Wilson formula"

Our AddOn for warehouse optimization is quick and easy to implement and you are up and running and save both time and money in a few hours. Microsoft Dynamics NAV Inventory optimization is based on the "Wilson formula" and helps you calculate and propose optimal values for:

  • Order points
  • Max stock
  • Safety stock
  • Lot sizes

You can specify on the article card in your Microsoft Dynamics NAV the service level you wish to maintain for each article in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. In the basic settings of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Stock Optimization, you easily set the order specific costs and the current stock holding rate that you wish to have in your business system. Microsoft Dynamics NAV Inventory optimization gives you optimal values for your inventory.


In our AddOn Microsoft Dynamics NAV stock optimization, you can have Microsoft Dynamics NAV calculate a proposal for optimal order points, maximum stock, safety stock and lot size multiple according to the above image/form.
After that, if you wish, you can adjust the values to suit your needs and wishes before you execute and update the articles with the new values that will apply.
Earn money and time with Microsoft Dynamics Inventory optimization
The function is simple and rational and will save you a lot of time and effort!
Our business consultants assist you through the entire implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Inventory Optimization. From evaluation, review of existing code, installation and commissioning as well as training.
It doesn't matter if you have another Microsoft Partner, we are happy to work with your existing partners and assist them through the installation.
Are you interested and want to order? Contact us directly on 031-727 78 00 or fill in the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Price excl. VAT: SEK 10,000
Upgrade fee: SEK 133/month

Inventory optimization - Dynamics NAV

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