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Exflow is an AddOn to Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) that increases control and streamlines the flow of supplier invoices within the organization. The process begins with the scanning and interpretation of the invoices and then they are distributed to the attestants via the web for final attestation regardless of location.
Exflow saves money and increases control

Save money
Handling a supplier invoice in a company today costs, according to expertise, somewhere between SEK 50-100. Exflow streamlines the entire flow and lowers your costs per invoice. And you, the more supplier invoices you have, the higher your savings and profit!


Increased control
Many companies have problems managing their supplier invoices within the organization. Invoices disappear, are not certified on time or correctly, which results in delayed payments and increased costs. With Exflow, everything is done electronically, the attestants see their invoices and attest them directly on the web!
The process is simple and takes place in 4 steps
1.Scanning and interpretation of supplier invoices through ReadSoft
Directly upon receipt of supplier invoices in the company, the content is scanned and interpreted through ReadSoft.

The scan gives you a digital copy of the supplier invoice that follows the transaction throughout the system, no more questions or searching for the original invoice. One click and you have it directly on the screen! Readsoft also interprets the invoice and transfers it directly into Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision). The fields that ReadSoft cannot interpret, you simply teach ReadSoft by dialing in the value on the digital invoice and confirming its identity, it couldn't be easier!
2.Internal control and selection of certifiers/attestation flow
Through ReadSoft's scanning and interpretation, you now have your supplier invoices directly in Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision), it is now just a matter of approving them and determining the certification flow. When this is complete, the supplier invoice is sent over the web to the attestors included in the attestation flow.
3.Certificate via the web
As a certifier, you will now receive an email with a link that will take you directly to the supplier invoice(s) that you must certify. You will see the original digital invoice on half the screen and on the other side of the screen you will get all the information that has been stored in Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision). You can of course both approve and reject the invoice and also change its posting if desired. The supplier invoice will then continue its flow according to what has been set up in the attestation flow.

This means that the certifier will safely and efficiently attest the invoices on time and regardless of where he or she is!
4.Approved and paid out on time
When the certification flow is complete, the supplier invoice returns to Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) for final accounting and payment. It couldn't be simpler!
Price from: SEK 25,000
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ExFlow is an AddOn to Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) that streamlines the entire handling of your supplier invoices.

ExFlow is advantageously combined with ReadSoft which scans and interprets your supplier invoices, this means that you no longer need to manually search for purchase orders or register the supplier invoice in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. After scanning and interpreting the supplier invoices, ExFlow transfers a manual arrival registration based on a completed form in Dynamics NAV. If scanning including interpretation is done, the arrival registration can take place automatically. This also applies to invoices that arrive electronically, a so-called e-Invoice.

Once the invoice is registered in Dynamics NAV, the invoice information is matched against a set of rules to assess who or who should certify the invoice. The certifiers are informed via email and contain a link so that they can automatically log in to ExFlow's web portal where they can see, check and certify the invoices. When the invoices are  finally certified, they can be easily batch posted in Dynamics NAV.



Are you interested and want to order? Contact us directly on 031-727 78 00 or fill in the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

ExFlow - Electronic Invoice Management - Dynamics NAV

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