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CreditSafe - Credit management for Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) is an AddOn that gives you maximum control over your customers and their creditworthiness and minimizes risks of customer losses in the company.

The function is simple and continuously retrieves secured credit values for your customers and then sets a correct credit limit that is constantly checked when placing orders and delivery. If the credit limit is exceeded or the customer has overdue invoices, the possibility of delivery is stopped until the customer has paid their invoices or your finance department has manually released the sales order. A long-awaited and affordable AddOn for companies that have Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) with very fast ROI (Return-On-Investment).


Basic installation
After our consultants have implemented Microsoft Dynamics NAV - Credit management in your business system, you set the basic parameters in the system information for our AddOn. Here you indicate which credit reference company you collect your credit information from. How old can a credit report be before you must automatically update the customer information and limit values for your requests for credit rating/credit limit for the customer. Here you indicate whether the order recipient should receive information about exceeded credit limit/overdue invoices and be able to continue the registration or whether the customer/order should be blocked for further input. from the business system.

When this is done, you can manually update customers from the customer card or let our AddOn automatically download all credit values to the system. When creating a new customer, the system blocks the customer until you have updated credit values on the customer.

On the customer card, there is also an option to enter an e-mail address that the business system will use for automatic communication with the customer when there are overdue invoices and/or an exceeded credit limit that is detected when placing an order or delivering an order.

Control when registering sales orders
Many companies have different values and thoughts about dealing with customers who trade over their credit limit or have overdue invoices. Some want a block and that the seller should not be able to register further orders, while others want to be able to register the order and that the financial dealings should be regulated by the finance department. We support both procedures.

When registering sales orders, our AddOn automatically checks whether the customer has overdue invoices, checks whether we have current values from the credit reporting company and whether the customer has exceeded the credit limit. Should this be the case, we inform the operator with the information but do not block further entry of sales orders without this having been set up in the system information.

If the customer has overdue invoices, exceeded the credit limit, the matter is transferred to the finance department and the information is automatically sent via e-mail to the customer's specified e-mail address on the customer card.

Control when issuing sales orders
If you have set up in the system information on our AddOn that you want a new credit check when issuing sales orders, it is carried out with advantage automatically when calculating what can be delivered as in our AddOn "Orderplock Standard" or " Order picking Pro". Those that are approved then automatically go out for order picking, while those that are not approved are transferred to the finance department and automatically generate an e-mail to the customer for action.

Controller function in the finance department
The finance department gets a control center where they can see all sales orders that have not passed the credit check (this can be advantageously displayed directly in the RTC client), here you monitor, check and release sales orders when you have received the right action/ made a new credit decision.

With the above Addon you get full control over your customers, credit information/rating and avoid unnecessary customer losses, a cheap insurance for your company!


Are you interested and want to order? Contact us directly on 031-727 78 00 or fill in the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Creditsafe - Credit management - Dynamics NAV

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