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Automate the administration of your organization's expenses without acquiring a new system. You stay in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central & NAV where you get a complete overview of all upcoming expenses. All the user needs to do is send the expenses directly to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central & NAV using our unique Expense app.
This solution provides a clear overview and easy management of all types of incoming expenses without having to use systems other than Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
Send receipts immediately
Business travelers no longer need to return to the office and enter their travel report with paper receipts. They can do all this from anywhere with Continia Expense Management.
With the Expense Management app, business travelers can do their expense reporting anywhere with just a few steps: they take a picture, fill in required fields and send directly to accounting. Mileage is handled in the same way.
All configuration of fields displayed in the app is done from Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and once the expense report has been submitted by the traveler, all digital receipts will be displayed in NAV.
Automatic credit card matching
Continia Expense Management allows you to import employee credit card expenses directly into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central & NAV and automatically link an individual line to a registered receipt.
Once transactions and reported expenses have been matched, the finance department will have a complete overview of transactions that lack documentation from the employee.
Get access to documentation directly from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central & NAV
Continia Expense Management will collect the traveler's activities daily and send it to NAV. This gives you a complete overview of the company's expenses in real time, directly in your NAV.
These activities are reported as posts and travel expenses are handled in the same way as everything else in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central & NAV.
Approval flows for everyone
Approval of expenses can be done either directly in Microsoft Dynamics NAV or online with a web browser - allowing everyone in the organization to access the approval process. Approvers can view the original issue on the screen and accept, reject, put it on hold, or forward it to another person for review or approval. Comments and attachments can be easily added.
With the Continia Web Approval Portal, all employees who do not have direct access to Microsoft Dynamics NAV have the same opportunities to approve expenses and other documents. No matter where the employee is located, internet access is all that is required to access and approve documents.


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