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Automatic PDF invoice allows you to streamline your invoice flow and save both time, money and the environment, does it sound too good to be true?


The solution is quick and easy to implement, you are up and running in a couple of hours...


From the customer card, you specify whether the customer should have an automatic PDF invoice and to which e-mail address it should be sent.


When you book a sales order, invoice or credit invoice, we let the system check whether the customer should have a paper invoice or whether we should send an automatic PDF invoice. If it is to be sent by letter, the system prints it according to your normal routines, while if it is to be sent with Automatic PDF-Invoice, the system buffers it in a queue which is then released at the specified time or time interval.

The customer now receives their PDF invoice in an email to the specified email address.


The saving for your company is at least SEK 10 per invoice(paper, printing, envelopes and postage) in addition to the labor required. The fact that you are also helping the environment is another big plus!


Are you interested and want to order? Contact us directly on 031-727 78 00 or fill in the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Price excl. VAT: SEK 6,000
Upgrade fee: SEK 80/month

Auto PDF Invoice

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