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Eliminates login & security issues in Microsoft Dynamics NAV
It often happens that users leave their workplace without logging out of the business system Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision). This means that other users can be prevented from accessing the business system and that it is a major security risk. ExpandIT Client Control effectively solves this problem by automatically logging out inactive users and thereby freeing up sessions for new/other users to log into the business system.
Increases the security of the company
This increases security as logged in users who have left their workplace and Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) open are automatically logged out of the business system. This is a serious security risk and allows unauthorized persons to access company information.
Save money through fast ROI
ExpandIT Client Control ensures that registered sessions are active sessions so that the full number of licenses in Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) can be used more efficiently. ExpanIT Client Control is cheaper than one user in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
Simple to use
ExpandIT Client Manager identifies within a few seconds all users on your Microsoft Dynamics Nav server who have Client Control after starting Client Manager. User name, computer name, and process ID are clearly displayed in a list. This enables you to identify each user of the business system. Furthermore, you can see which company each user works for as well as the exact version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV they have.


In the built-in notification function, you can warn users before they log out. You simply type a small message in ExpandIT Client Manager and a message box appears on the user's computer instantly.
    Supports from Navision Financials 1.10 to NAV 2009.
    Microsoft SQL Server and Native.
    List username active Navision user sessions.
    Identify computers running sessions Navision users.
    List running user sessions.
    Displays processing information for users' sessions.
    Send messages to Navision users.
    Close individual or groups of user sessions.
    Terminate user sessions running on remote computers.
    Central management of control ExpandIT Client configurations.
    99 different user groups with different.
    Limit the number of sessions per user for single or groups of users.
    Allows multiple installations of ExpandIT Client Manager.
    Check period of inactivity log before out.
    Setting the time for automatic shutdown of Navision user sessions.
    Show time remaining before user sessions are automatically terminated.
    Easy to install and maintain.

Simplifies the system administration of the business system
ExpandIT Client Control simplifies the maintenance of Microsoft Dynamics NAV as individual or all sessions can be terminated at a certain time of day.
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ExpandIT - Client Manager - Dynamics NAV

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