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Bad payers are not good either for your company or its finances, that's why we developed Auto PDF Collection!


Auto PDF Collection is an add-on module to the already popular Auto PDF Payment Reminder and it effectively takes care of customers who have received their last claim with the threat of collection. You decide yourself, based on basic settings in the system information (alternatively on the customer), whether the overdue and unpaid invoice should be sent directly for collection or whether the system should inform a special person at the company for manual review and action.


In Auto PDF Collection, you get a completely new center for managing and updating customers and their invoices marked for collection action. Here you will find the customer, information about the invoice, information about the collection and its status, as well as whether the customer is blocked for further actions in the business system or not. Here you can also document the ongoing correspondence that has taken place with the customer and/or the debt collection company, of course the correspondence is date-stamped in the dialogue for a good and secure follow-up.

When a customer has paid their invoices, they automatically disappear from the collection center and the block on the customer also disappears completely automatically.


Auto PDF Collection gives you a good and safe handling of your customers' overdue invoices that are ready for collection, this leads to faster and safer payment from your customers!

Does it sound too good to be true? The solution is quick and easy to implement, you are up and running in a couple of hours...

Are you interested and want to order? Contact us directly on 031-727 78 00 or fill in the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Price excl. VAT: SEK 8,000
Upgrade fee: SEK 107/month

Auto PDF Collection - Dynamics NAV

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