Microsoft Dynamics NAV

After Microsoft bought out Danish Navision, Microsoft began redesigning it to match Microsoft Office and their other lines of products.  They extended and improved the functionality as well as created the personal rollcenter. 

Functions and Modules available in Microsoft Dynamics NAV:

  • Financials and Accounting

  • Marketing and Sales

  • Purchasing

  • inventory

  • Production (material and production control)

  • Project Management

  • Resources and Planning

  • Service with planning and contracts

  • Personnel Management

Simpler to understand and purchase without any unpleasant surprises

Microsoft made it simpler to understand and purchase Microsoft Dynamics NAV through taking all the smaller modules/functions that consumers could choose in Danish Navision and combined them to create a Starter Pack and an Extended Pack.  


What is included in Starter and Extended Packs

The Starter Pack includes all of the base functionality that most businesses in general need including 3 Full Users,

which are users with full access.  To receive the full functionality of Microsoft Dynamics NAV consumers can purchase

the Extended Pack which includes extra functions such as Production (MPS), Service and Contract Management,

and Distribution Inventory (WMS- Warehouse Management).

In addition to the packs you can add additional users, both Full Users or Limited Users.

Starter Pack


The Starter Pack is the base functionality in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  In this pack you will find most of the functions you would need.


  • Base Functionality

  • Rollcenter

  • 3  "Full Users" included

  • Hosted or On Premise

  • SQL-based

Extended Pack


The Extended Pack includes the additional functions that your company needs for production, service, and inventory.

  • Production / MPS

  • Service & Contract

  • Distributions Inventory

  • Automated Data Capture

  • Intercompany Posting

Additional Users

In addition to the 3 Full Users included in The Starter Pack you can add additional users according to your company’s needs. 


  • Full User

  • Limited User

  • Client for computer

  • Web Client

  • App for mobile/tablets


AddOns and Extensions for Extended Functionality

For the functions that you cannot find in standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV, we and other NAV partners have

designed Addons or Extensions that are sold as optional modules to your business management system –

Simple and effective and you are quickly up and running again.


Simple to understand and purchase without any unpleasant surprises!

After Microsoft’s addition of the rollcenter, Microsoft Dynamics NAV became easier to use and understand.  Together with the new licensing models you avoid any unpleasant surprises which means that we can implement your system according to plan and within budget.

Per-Henrik Dahlberg - Sales Manager